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Working Out: My Love Affair

11 Jul

Most people dread going to the gym. Just the thought of it is enough to keep them away. It is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t stick to a weight loss plan. I am no longer one of those people. This is the story of my new-found love affair with the gym.

I have never liked the idea of going to a gym. I have always felt like people were starring at me and judging me because I don’t know how to do some of the exercises. It kept me away for years.

When I decided that I really wanted to get serious about my weight loss I decided to buy insanity. I was really motivated when I first received it, and did the first 3 weeks flawlessly, even as I went home to see my family. Yes I had my days that I didn’t want to get up to do it, and most of time about 5 minutes into the workout I just wanted it to be over. But I still stuck with it. But then my husband came home. And it just didn’t seem appealing at all anymore. I didn’t want him watching me do it.

I started to go to the gym on the base some nights with him. It was ok, but I still felt like people were watching me, wondering why I was dying while going so slow on the treadmill or why I couldn’t lift more.

I finally decided to get a membership at planet fitness. They advertise that they are a positive environment, so I thought I would give it a try. Honestly, I fell in love. The atmosphere is so positive, and I just feel at home.

The more I enjoyed going to the gym the more I realized why Insanity didn’t stick with me and why I loved going to the gym even more. I am an experiential person. I enjoy coffee, but a lot of that has to do with the experience of going to get the coffee. Going to the coffee shop and feeling the atmosphere, having the barista ask me questions, and possibly getting my coffee in a ceramic mug.

The same thing goes for the act of going to the gym. Drinking my pre workout while going there, checking in at the desk, killing it on the machines with my music blaring, and leaving feeling completely fulfilled. Its the experience that gets me, not just the burn!

I am now on a new program that I am loving more then anything I have ever done before. More on that coming soon. 😉

What makes you guys motivated to workout? What is your favorite way to workout?


Where have I been?

6 May

Hey all!

Wow, it sure has been way too long! SO much has happened since I blogged last and it just feels like I am a different person. I have so much to share with you all. Lets get started!

First and foremost I want to let you know that while I was on this little hiatus I did lose weight. No, it wasnt a blogger running far away because I had gained weight. I actually lost. A LOT. I am now 170.8 and so close to being in the 160s its crazy. You heard that right. In the 2 months I was gone I managed to spare you almost all of the 170’s. Crazy what can happen when you are focused.

Which brings me to my second point. I have been so focused on weight loss for the last couple of months I have surprised myself. I believe I have actually fallen in love with going to the gym (shocking I know). This is what has kept me losing weight. That and all the wonderful clean eating that I have been doing.

Clean eating really becomes a way of life when you do it long enough. You no longer feel like you are depriving yourself, and the only reason you are turning that bagel down is because you know how bad it is going to make you feel afterwards. Its amazing what happens when your mindset changes.

The last thing that has happened that I want to share with you is this: for the first time in my entire life, I love myself. Yep, you heard that right. I love what my body can do right now. I love what my body looks like right now, and I love myself enough to know that I am worth all the effort I am making because I deserve to be happy.

Ahh what a weight lifted off of my sholders.

I have tons of wonderful things coming for the summer and the year to come on this blog, so stay tuned, because big things are happening!


P.S. I will be making a piost detailing some of these things as I am traveling on Wednesday. I am so excited for all of the changes to come! 😉

21 Day Challenge: How it Changed Me!

3 Mar

Hello guys!

Sorry that it has been so long since I posted. I have been busy and you all know what happens when life gets in the way.

Anyways, I did finish my 21 day challenge and not only did I do 21 days, but have been going strong ever since. Forcing myself to go to the gym everyday was reall really hard at first. But gradually it has become something that I dont even second guess.

This is how my weeks go. Monday, Wednesday, Friday I work out first thing in the morning before I go to work. I usually aim to burn 200-400 cals of cardio, and then I do a weight lifting cuirciut that is already at my gym. Also, on Monday and Friday nights I play volleyball. On Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday I do pure cardio, usually at night. I try to burn between 800-1000 cals on those nights. Sunday is my rest day.

I have been perfect on this up until this weekend. I woke up yesterday and literally could not breathe. I ended up going grocery shopping in the morning like I always do and then sleeping the rest of the day. This morning I woke up still not feeling great but definately better than yesterday, but still decided to rest so that I can go hard the rest of the week next week.

My eating has been on point the entire time. I have been giving myself one cheat a week, but they have been still good for me options. Last week I treated myself by going out for frozen yogurt. This week I just treated myself to Panera Bread, and had a salad and a whole wheat baguette. So I try to keep my cheats still within my calorie limits and still log them in MyFitnessPal.

So all in all the month of February has been good for me. I lost a total of 5.4 lbs and I feel great. I think I finally found out how to make this a lifestyle change and not just a “diet.”

Hope you all had a great month and I promise I will try harder to post more often! 🙂


Weight Loss Resolution: Revisited

26 Dec

Hello all!

Man has it been a long time since I have wrote on here. A few things have happened while I was away. My husband returned from a six month deployment and I have never been happier to have him home. Also, Christmas has already come and gone, and with that comes the new wave of New Year’s Resolutions.

Last year I made a New Year’s resolution that most do: to lose weight. In the true sense of the word I did achieve that. I lost 30 lbs in the past year and am really proud of that. So for this year I am going to make the same resolution, but with a little more fun.

I would like to at least lose another 30lbs this year. I know that may possibly sound like a low number to some people, and a high number to others. I have more than that to lose and I am enjoy8ing losing the weight slowly. I feel it is the best way. To reach this goal I have set out a couple smaller goals and objectives. They are

Start exercising on a regular basis. (4 times a week on average)

Limit eating out to once a week, or not at all.

Transition into completely clean eating. (I will be doing a post about what this means to me and the steps I am going to be taking to get to the point I want to reach.)

Cut down coffee habit to at least 3 cups a week, if not more. Replace these beverages with tea.

Meditate more!

Start practicing positive self talk.

Try Yoga!

Do at least one cleanse every 3 months.

This is the current list. I may add and/or omit things as I see fit as long as the reason for the add/drop is completely to serve the goal of me losing weight. I am excited for this coming year! I am also very excited to see what I can do with my body. Take care everyone!

Weigh-In Wednesday!

17 Oct

Hello all!

Today is the wonderful weigh-in wednesday. And although I don’t have a great loss to report, it is a loss. I weighed in at 184.2 this morning, which is down .4. Almost half a pound. Not yet a pound, but a half. Its days like this I need to look at those pictures of the gelatinous 1 lb and realize that I did in fact lose that. And probably gained some muscle as well.

It just seems like I am in such a rut. I feel like nothing I am doing is working. Even with this challenge this week I still didn’t really do all that well.

I think I need to go back to my strict calorie counting. I had steered away from that in the hopes that I would be able to control myself, and I know I haven’t gone super crazy, but tracking my calories in a tracker sure is an eye opener.

Then you really look at everything in a whole new light. Now I actually have to be conscious about that creamer I put in my coffee, and if I put cheese in something that would otherwise be super healthy. If I am going to continue to lose weight at a pace more then a snail then I need to step up to the plate. I need to pour my heart into this. I want to be healthy, and there are so many reasons to be so.

I also want to comment that this morning I was absolutely heartbroken by my lack of a large number weight loss on the scale. I debated several times today if I even wanted to make this post as I feel like I am a broken record these past couple of weeks. Then I saw a post that TrulyJess made. And my thinking shifted. She decided that her plan wasn’t working, and that she needed to re-evaluate. And I feel that I need to do the same. It validated my conviction to do so.

This is my weight loss. This is my journey. I need to do it my way and what works for me. I need to be healthy and fit. I will do this. I will get there.

Now to spend the rest of the night devising this wonderful re-work of my plan.

Personal Challenge Update

15 Oct

Hey guys,

Its day 4 of my 7 day challenge and I am doing great. I have worked out everyday so far and have been eating really really well. I am feeling so much better and stronger. Its so crazy to me how different you can really feel.

Yesterday I think I killed it a little too hard in the gym. My legs are hating me this morning. It felt really good though. I have been going late at night to avoid the chance that someone else might be in the gym. My apartment complex has a super small gym, and I feel really uncomfortable when there are other people. But the awesome part about our gym is we also have raquetball coutrs. Not that I play raquetball but I can do drills that I remember from playing sports to mix up the workouts a little.

Overall I am feeling much better about my weight loss this week. Im hoping to put up a good number. Even a pound loss would be ok with me at this point. At least it would be progress. I will get out of these dreaded 180’s by the end of this month. I am determined!

I hope you all are having a fantastic week. I know I am. Look out for my weigh-in wednesday post coming up. Hopefully its a good one. ❤

I know that my desire to change is much much greater then ever wanting to be this way again. Lets do this. I have faith in myself.

7 Days: Gym and Clean Eating

11 Oct

I have decided that due to my lack of losses in the past couple of weigh-ins that I am going to be doing a personal challenge. I have decided that I am going to eat clean and workout everyday for an entire week. No eating out. No excuses. One full week of eating clean whole foods, and a whole week of kicking my own but at the gym. I need to kick start this weight loss and get out of the dreaded 180’s and I feel like this is what can do it.

I am tired of making excuses and I am tired of not losing. I will put up a big loss these next two weeks. I am determined.

Like I have said in some of my most recent blog posts, I haven’t been working out. And I feel like I have talked about it, but I haven’t really come to terms with it. I keep saying, “well I didn’t lose this week, and I know why. I didn’t work out.” But all I keep doing is saying it. I don’t go out the next week and kill it at the gym. I keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. The exact definition of insanity. Oh boy!

So, I need to do this. I need to do something drastic to kick start this weight loss. Not drastic as in a crash diet, but drastic in that it is completely different then what I am doing, and it is the healthy way.

I get frustrated at people when talking about weight loss because I know how to do it. Not in the sense that I have done it, but in that I have been overweight for all of my adult life (most of my entire life actually) and I know what will work and what wont. But for some reason I choose to ignore the simple truths about weight loss that I know, and because of that I remain the weight I am.

I am going to do this. I have spent years educating myself about weight loss because it was easier to educate myself then it is to actually do it. But I am not going to just choose easy anymore. I am going to choose what is best for me. Best for my health. Best for my family. And that is to lose these unwelcome excess pounds. It’s going to happen. Watch me.