Weigh-In Wednesday!

17 Oct

Hello all!

Today is the wonderful weigh-in wednesday. And although I don’t have a great loss to report, it is a loss. I weighed in at 184.2 this morning, which is down .4. Almost half a pound. Not yet a pound, but a half. Its days like this I need to look at those pictures of the gelatinous 1 lb and realize that I did in fact lose that. And probably gained some muscle as well.

It just seems like I am in such a rut. I feel like nothing I am doing is working. Even with this challenge this week I still didn’t really do all that well.

I think I need to go back to my strict calorie counting. I had steered away from that in the hopes that I would be able to control myself, and I know I haven’t gone super crazy, but tracking my calories in a tracker sure is an eye opener.

Then you really look at everything in a whole new light. Now I actually have to be conscious about that creamer I put in my coffee, and if I put cheese in something that would otherwise be super healthy. If I am going to continue to lose weight at a pace more then a snail then I need to step up to the plate. I need to pour my heart into this. I want to be healthy, and there are so many reasons to be so.

I also want to comment that this morning I was absolutely heartbroken by my lack of a large number weight loss on the scale. I debated several times today if I even wanted to make this post as I feel like I am a broken record these past couple of weeks. Then I saw a post that TrulyJess made. And my thinking shifted. She decided that her plan wasn’t working, and that she needed to re-evaluate. And I feel that I need to do the same. It validated my conviction to do so.

This is my weight loss. This is my journey. I need to do it my way and what works for me. I need to be healthy and fit. I will do this. I will get there.

Now to spend the rest of the night devising this wonderful re-work of my plan.


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