Blood Work…YUCK!

6 Oct

Hey all,

I had to get blood work done on Thursday. The reason why I was getting it was completely NOT weight loss related, yet the results became really really pertinent.

All of my numbers were good. In not anemic, I don’t have a thyroid issue, I don’t have diabetes, and even my bad cholesterol was great. But my good Cholesterol….not so much.

And you would think, well if the bad is good then the good being bad shouldn’t be such a big deal. But it is. Having low good cholesterol numbers can put you at just as much risk for heart disease as bad cholesterol. And in women the number needs to be over 50. Mine was 28. YIKES!

So what causes this? My doctor said its because I’m overweight, and not as active as I should be. I need to shed the pounds and I need to be active everyday. I also need to reduce carbohydrate intake and eliminate saturated fats as much as possible.

I guess all in all I need to just workout more than I have been, and just be slightly more selective in my diet choices. I still think that I am on track. This is just forcing urgency on an issue that I was already aware of and just need to pay slightly more attention to it.

Hopefully all of this works out and when I go back I will get better numbers. =[ We will see.

For now I am just going to up the exercise and make those slight diet alterations. I hope that you all are having a fabulous weekend. ❤


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