Let food be thy medicine.

25 Sep

Hey guys!

YAY, a second blog for the week! =] Today I wanted to talk about how critical eating properly is.

Many people have this distorted view of weight loss that they need to go kill themselves in the gym 3 hours a day 7 days a week. Yes, that will give you results. It will also make you terribly miserable.

Most people who have this philosophy eat whatever they want. They dont really watch their calories or what they are putting in their bodies. If you were eating potato chips then yes, you probably could go work out for 3 hours and work them off, but in the end you will be no healthier for it.

SO I pose this to all of you today. What you consume is the single-most important thing on your weight loss journey. I repeat MOST IMPORTANT THING! 

You can eat healthy and kill youself in the gym. And yes, you will probably see wonderful results. But the downside to that is 1) Eventually you will burn out or injure yourself and 2) You may not be able to maintain after getting to goal without continuing to work out so hard.

I say light to moderate exercise and good eating. You will feel happier, healthier, and you will be able to maintain at the end of this journey. Remember its all about lifestyle.

Hope you all are having a wonderful start to your week and look for my weigh-in wednesday post tomorrow!


One Response to “Let food be thy medicine.”

  1. curvycarla September 25, 2012 at 5:16 pm #

    I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

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