Almond Butter Protein Pancakes

7 Aug


Hello all!

Last night I made Almond Butter Protein Pancakes with Truly Jess’ Coconut Protein Fudge! They were so decadent! Here is the recipe!

The Almond Butter Protein Pancakes were actually a play on one of Jess’ Protein Pancake recipes. I just altered her pumpkin recipe!


I scoop Protein powder

1/4 cup egg whites

1/4 tsp Baking Powder

1 TBS Almond Butter

1TBS Water

Stevia to taste

1 tsp Coconut Oil

Heat Skillet to medium low heat. Add Coconut Oil.

Combine all ingredients except for the water. Depending on the size of your protein powder scoop you may not need the water at all. If you need it, add it!

Place scoop of batter in heated pan. (I used an ice cream scoop) While your pancake is cooking make coconut protein fudge.

I also altered this recipe slightly. I don’t have carob powder at home so I just used coco powder.

Coconut Protein Fudge:

1 TBS Coconut Oil

1 TBS Coco Powder

1 Scoop Protein Powder

1 TBS Water

Stevia to taste

While making the fudge I forgot to melt the coconut oil first before adding the dry ingredients. I just set my container near the pan that I was cooking on. Be very careful if you are going to use this method.

When the pancakes start to bubble around the edges and when the bubbles pop and don’t fill in again its time to flip! My rule of thumb is always 10 seconds on the flip side and then onto a plate.

Repeat until all pancakes are created and top with Coconut Protein Fudge! Yum!

Enjoy! ❤


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