Teas and Curbing Cravings

13 Jul

Hello All,

Today I just wanted to talk for a moment about things you can do to avoid overeating. I for one have always been a person who will eat even when they are not hungry and I just wanted to briefly discuss some things you can do to stop yourself.

One of my no fail tactics are teas! I love teas. I don’t think that I have ever had a tea that I didn’t like. The one pictured from Trader Joe’s is one of my favorites right now. Its tangy, almost berry like, and needs little to nothing to make it the perfect cup. If you don’t add anything to your teas then they are always 0 calories. One of the reasons why teas are such a great idea is that it takes a while to prepare it. Its not like just opening a can of pop. So you are keeping your mind off food while you are preparing it, waiting for it to cool off, and drinking it. It really is an amazing tool.

Another thing is to make yourself drink a glass of water. Most of the time when our bodies think they’re hungry its because they are really thirsty. Its always a good idea to drink water before you eat a meal anyways.

And if you feel that none of these things make you satisfied then eat fruit or veggies. If you are willing to eat veggies then you are most likely actually hungry and you should in fact eat.

All of these things are great tools to not only make sure that you really are hungry when you are eating, but also so that you don’t get into the trap of overeating or even binging.

Just finished my grocery shopping this afternoon so I will be able to post meal pictures for you guys in later posts this week.

Hope you all are enjoying your day!


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